Wi-Fi + Facebook Checkin + Landing Page =

Captured viewers, a targeted audience, and MORE CUSTOMERS !

Free WiFi - Socially Driven !Quickly convert visitors to customers with a TARGETED  LANDING PAGE on your WiFi system.
Mobile ReadyOur product is fully optimized for mobile devices, laptops and desktops. IT LOOKS GREAT ON ANY DEVICE!
Facebook IntegrationAdd our FACEBOOK “POP UP” CHECKIN BOX  and build your brand with ease!

Plug & PlayJust plug the supplied WIRELESS ACCESS POINT into your existing router and you are ready to go !

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Wi-Fi Access Point

We will provide you with a Plug & Play solution right out of the box ! Our customized Access Points include specialized firmware to launch your customers to any destination you like !

Targeted Landing Page

Take it a step further and have facilitree.com add a landing page for your users. This is a great way to engage users and keep them informed of what your business has to offer !

Facebook Ready !

Take advantage of the Free Wi Fi you offer ! Add our automatic Facebook Check-in Pop Up window and watch your business grow effortlessly !

Mobile Ready

Most users of your Hot Spot are likely on a mobile phone or tablet. We have you covered with fully and automatically scalable pages that will adjust to PC, Tablet, & Mobile.

Stop Now !

Customers expect free WiFi nowadays. Just stop giving it away without a little something in return! Capture and build your list without bothering your precious customers.

Who is it for?

Our Social WiFi Hot Spot is for any business who wants to engage customers with little effort ! Restaurants, bars, real estate professionals, dental offices, gyms, & coffee shops are just a few small examples of who may benefit from our system.


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Learn something new


What does this product include?

You will receive a Social WiFi Access Point.  This plugs directly into your existing router; nothing else is required.  The Social WiFi Access Point will be configured by us based on your requirements (i.e., password, bandwidth limitations for customers, and other general settings.  We will designate a Landing Page (URL) for your customers when they log on.  This can be your web site, your facebook page, or any custom landing pages. A Facebook CHECK IN pop up window can be enabled during setup.  You must have a Facebook Fan Page to utilize this feature.


How does this differ from the existing free WiFi I offer?

Your customers login to you existing Wi-Fi and then just go on-line  without any of your brand recognition shown.  Our Social WiFi Access Point includes the ability to add landing pages and our Facebook CHECK IN pop up window.  This encourages visitors to CHECK IN & join your Facebook page.  Gathering targeted fans is the most cost effective way of building your customer list. Our Wi-Fi Hot Spot is secure, shielding your private network from unwanted guests.


Why would I want to direct my customers to a specific page?

Landing pages describe what you do, specials you offer, or any other information you would like to convey.  Users of your Free WiFi are much more likely to order from you if they can quickly view your restaurant menu for example.


What if a user doesn't have Facebook?

This is no problem at all.  Our system launches a Facebook “CHECK IN” pop up.  If the user does not have a Facebook account, they can simply exit the pop up and continue reading what you have to offer on the landing page or continue on surfing the internet as they desire.


What do landing pages typically offer?

Landing pages can describe what you do, specials you offer, and can link to your main web site if you choose.  The landing page can even be your home page… It is up to you how you configure it.


What kind of security does your Access Point offer?

First, the Access Point allows your customers “configuration free” access to the internet while completely shielding your private network from unwanted intrusions.  In addition, we provide layer 3 protection for your customers.  Each customer is assigned a private, random network to keep their device secure from any other malicious devices in the network .


My location is too big for Wi-Fi coverage with just one access point. What should I do?

That’s easy !  Our access points provide a seamless mesh network, effectively sharing the same Wi-Fi network name but allowing them to hop data off one another.  So to answer, you simply can install one or more access points to get the coverage you need.


This is going to be great for my business. Does this intrude on any of my customer's privacy ?

No.  Our system simply and effectively prompts them to CHECK IN at your location.  If they do, (which they do not have to) no personal information is passed to our server.  Of course, if they opt to join your Facebook page, you are building a valuable list of users.  It is customer driven; this is the value of our system


My customers can just use their phone and check in at my location with their own app. Why bother using your social Wi-Fi ?

Checking in requires logging on to Wi-Fi, opening their facebook app, & finally checking in to your location.  Statistically, customers are very unlikely to do this.  Our system automatically prompts them to check in.  One click will help your customers engage with their friends while helping build your brand.   


What is so great about providing check ins?

Check ins allow your customers to let their friends know where they are, making them likely to stop in for a visit.  Think about it… Your most popular bartender checks in online and magically your business increases.  More check-ins and engagement with your Page will improve how it ranks in searches and the Nearby tab on the Facebook mobile app


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